carrying her mother in front of his temple. The honeymaid cried and asked him to save her mother. The sixteenyearold girl, who knows what the robbery is, she cried there and cried to him, saying that if the life of each Xi’an wedding car rental is limited, then she is willing to give the life of Xi’an wedding car team to her mother. One life, she received this robbery for her mother, and exchanged her life for her mother, even if she only changed her mother for a year. She was softly crying by her crying heart. She asked her why she was, and her mother was hard to live and live for a few years. She had a hard time coming. A tearful face looked at him with a pitiful look. The cold hand trembled and grabbed his sleeve and said to him: “I am willing, willing… my mother, she is a good Xi’an wedding car rental, she is this I haven’t done anything bad in my life. When I was born, I was thrown away by my family’s Xi’an wedding car rental. She told me to go back and gave me this life. I have lived for more than ten years. She loves me and protects me. I have not let me eat it. Bitter, now I should report her back…Zhujun Da Xi’an wedding car rental is not to say that my life should not be absolutely? Then give my life to her, I will die for her… He stared at her and told her “You have to think clearly, and I have to change her life to suffer from plague, and it is so bad… Before she finished, she hugged his arms and shook his arms. “I am willing, willing… I She is not afraid. She is not afraid of it. She is forced to change her life with her mother’s mentality, and she wants to wait until she can’t stand the pain and regret it. She changed it. Unexpectedly, she did not even complain about it. She hid in his temple, and she was sick all day. In the first two days, she could still hold the daily smile and clean the temple for him. She repaid her grace. In the next few days, she began to rot and hurt. The road is not going. She could hear the night she was hiding in the straw of the temple because sh