city, the fifth Ling is not only physically and mentally relaxed, but also follows this familiar path, thinking, and I think of Li Yu. Before, the entire western city was in an awkward atmosphere, and she didn’t even have much chance to figure out her doubts. Now that everything is over, the West Market will be stable. She has time and energy, and slowly explores his bottom. How many decades have you lived? For a beautiful woman, ten years, there is no precious wealth. Ten years, she has spent so much, she has patience! In front, the golden light is coming soon! Chapter 347 Ten years of “kill!” Three little Zhu did not hesitate, so the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to miss? They are killers, and the killer is best at grasping opportunities. Therefore, they did not think about why Li Yu would appear alone here, why he rushed and rushed. “Is it still?” When Li Yu was in a hurry, he saw the assassin struck, and he could not help but anger, and his feet immediately accelerated and rushed. “Kill!” The assassin on the head stabbed, but rushed. Li Yu slammed down and slammed into his lower body, so the two assassins were also emptied. “Hey!” As he assassinated from the assassin, Li fish raised his elbow and made a heavy blow. The assassin screamed and the two eggs were broken. In fact, the assassin is not so unhelpful. If you fight against it, Li Yu will not only be able to beat him so easily, but he may even be defeated by him. After all, killing is a matter of people. However, many accidents have caused the other party to achieve 10% of their martial arts. Li Yu was assassinated. One person was attacked by three people, and the other party had a weapon in hand. He did not escape the recoil. This is an accident. Rushing over, but not attacking the opponent three roads, but went straight to the next three roads, this is another accident. The martial arts people will point to the face, who will take a shot, not waiting for the opponent to knock down, they squatted to the ground, slid forward and rushed out to drill the

one of the ten thousandths of the Lord. Hearing this sentence, how can Ma Lishan not react to what happened. His face was so bad that he looked down and saw half of his abdomen on his abdomen. Obviously, Xia Yi just used a knife to slap him. “You, you guys come together to lie to me!” The local area of ??Ma’s face was white with white light, and the white light melted out slowly, which was his original face. His skills can’t last long, and Ma’s heart is clear in his heart. Maybe with Zhang Qingyu, he can still be evenly matched, but as long as it is a third-party force, he will be stretched. “I and Zhang Dashen were originally a group. You just didn’t hear him say?” “Summer looked up at Zhang Qingyu and smiled.” We are comrades-in-arms. The latter seems to be aware that the pupil is slightly coagulated, and the arrow in the air is receiving a huge thrust. The original soft body of the arrow is now being injected with endless force, ‘嗖’ directly Throughout the heart of Ma Lishan. This time, he was directly smashed by two people. The live room was stupid at this time. The girl cried from the keyboard to pick up sporadic ground beef, crying without tears: “Lively eat the keyboard Chen Chen really can’t do it, or do you want to eat the beef on the keyboard? Most of the other barrages are the same. Most people guessed wrong at the beginning, and they also vowed that at this time they only felt that the face was swollen and high, and it was still burning. Shame, more curious. Back to the bottom is how to identify the real Zhang Qingyu? Why everyone guessed wrong, only he guessed it? But now is not the time to tangled, the copy is obviously more important. Ma Mashan after a knife, kidney, before A shot of the heart, these are not fatal injuries for the copy player, 磕 two bottles of medicine can make up the physical strength. But now … it is clear that the enemy will not give him the opportunity to add physical strength. Ma Puri can feel himself The physical strength is rapidly passing away. Behind him is Xia Yihui,

his thing will fly, and there is a gathering, where to fly, eat everything there. After listening to Shu Yongtai’s words, Wei Wang’s eyebrows could not stretch for a long time. “Since you take the initiative to mention it, there is a law of annihilation. Can there be any way to solve these things?” Turn the ground before the winter, turn it deep, and freeze the eggs. At the time of the spring and summer of the following year, the collection of Xi’an wedding car rental bugs will not be harmful as long as the number is reduced. But now the biggest problem is not next year, but in front of it look like this, I am afraid that this year will be a trouble before the winter, if you do not take the number of these worms before the disaster, next year by the ground and catch The worm is definitely not enough. At this time, Wang Baihu also walked up and gave Wei Wang a general report on the number of locusts caught by Xi’an wedding car rental. So for a while, I caught so much, and the number of people must have been very surprised to rent a car. In fact, just before the shackles of these Xi’an wedding car rentals to eat fried mites, there have been soldiers can not stand and ran to catch, just a few Xi’an wedding car rental with a bag of locusts smiled and walked over, Shu Yongtai walked over, Take a look from the inside. After watching a few eyes, he hurriedly walked over to Wei Wang, and hurriedly said: “His Royal Highness, let’s go out and camp, and catch the night road. This thing can be smashed once again, and it will fly. When it is time, it will definitely become harmful. To Taiyuan. I heard that now the camp, even Wang Baihu are a little hesitant. And those soldiers who have never seen the disaster, do not look at Shu Yongtai and theembed, they think things are terrible, but in the end I haven’t seen it. It’s possible that I haven’t seen it before, and I don’t know if it will happen. If you are hungry and tired, you will hesitate to stay in the night. Or Wei Wang is very decisive, and he has to make a quick meal

more sad, Lin father Yu Lin Yuzhen: “You must bring my granddaughter!” “Well!” Lin Yuzhen agreed, but she did not expect her ability to be weak at all I can’t protect my young daughter and let me suffer a lot after sinking. Back in time, if I can return to the scene of the former station, Lin Yuzhen will definitely make a different decision from the same year. If she knows that Shen Jiayong will face the suffering she could not bear, she will hurt herself. Daughter, maybe she should follow the advice of parents and directors, should not follow Shen Jiayong back to Shanghai, but should be firmly divorced with Shen Jiayong, alone with her daughter Shen Yu, stay in Yunnan, with parents, brothers and sisters. It is a pity that time cannot be reversed. Lin Yuzhen did not foresee her ability at the time. Her wrong decision brought her daughter the insult. After many years, Shen Yu could not be willing to be a parent. Shen Jiayong and Lin Yuzhen transferred to the Suzhou Printing and Dyeing Factory. The working environment was unfamiliar. Fortunately, Shen Mu took care of the relationship. The director of the factory gave Shen Jiayong a work in the bench work, and arranged Lin Yuzhen as a manager in the warehouse. The work is still the same as that of the previous work in Yunnan. What was the original work, it was distributed according to the original work. When I first came to Suzhou, everything was strange. If the husband and wife had no place to live, they would start looking for a house. It is not easy to rent a house. Although the factory can reimburse part of the rent, it is not familiar with life. Going to find, and finally after talking to the factory, the colleague in the factory said that he had a younger brother who just wanted to rent the house. Shen Jiayong said: “I have no other requirements. The only requirement is to stay close to the primary school and let the children Can go to school!” Shen Yu transferred to Suzhou to go to the second grade of elementary school, but also to find a primary school for

nd did not put down. His yawn is also halfway through, and it is dead. Downstairs, six or seven folks turned their heads to look at the building, and the look was very strange. The fifth gentleman has some hair in his heart. What is the situation? Suddenly, six or seven buddies rushed to the ground and laughed. “Oh, Mr. Fifth, what do you want to order, so that you can make a small call.” “The fifth gentleman is going to bathe, this is a small water.” “The fifth gentleman can order the wine dishes, today’s bad fish.” Not bad.” The enthusiasm of the guys made Mr. Fifth’s heart pounding, and he knocked on the side, and one person rewarded the money before he figured out what the fortune teller said downstairs. When the fifth gentleman heard it, he suddenly felt his heart. Anxious to marry a daughter, of course, because he saw Cao Weituo’s generous purchase of money, there is another reason is that the rumors of Zhangjia’s spread are fermenting, and the daughter’s worth falls, when it can only be cheap. With this scruples, I was so crisp. However, my daughter only gave people a thirteen, and my heart was still not very comfortable. In the view of the fifth gentleman, with his daughter’s looks and enthusiasm, the future should be more ambitious. At this time, the dude told him that the fortune teller said that his daughter had a precious life and was naturally nervous. The fifth gentleman hurried downstairs and went to Li Yu. Li Yu was overjoyed, and this flash of light was really used. He first asked for the fifth character of the fifth Ling Ruo, and he did it for a long time. Mr. Fifth asked urgently, “Mr. How?” Li Yu said slowly: “Luan Yuan’s life is very strange, it seems extremely embarrassing, and it seems extremely expensive.” The fifth gentleman thought, giving people a jealousy, Still thirteen 姨 mother, that is not blame? Can be very expensive… The fifth gentleman is very upset, busy “Please ask Mr. to explain.” Li Yu coughed a sigh: “Do not squat, under the fortune, the good is to bones…” The fifth M

as she went out, Sumi saw the place that Zhang said, and there were quite a few people around, but I really didn’t see how many people bought it. Although it is not particularly expensive, it is not a cheap thing for people in Lijiacun. If you want to have a little better, Sumi finally understands two. Why do children feel so strange? Because the fish here are really big, much bigger than they usually eat! This is the edge of the coast? “Boss, where is the fish from which you fish?” “Sumi stood on the small car full of fish and asked casually. “Our home is on the edge of the coast, and this is all our own!” fresh! Cheap! The town needs ten pounds of money! I am seven articles! What? Big sister, can’t come one? You lick this fish this lively! The small street vendor heard Sumi ask, and quickly took advantage of this opportunity to make a publicity for his fish. “It is good.” “Sumi nodded, the fish is indeed good, and the price is indeed much cheaper in the town. “Come three! Give me a bigger one! “Sumi had thought about buying one, but I didn’t expect this fish to be like this.” Yes, I decided to buy a few more at the moment, go home and make a fish, ah, fried fish, and so on, and I can live. “Get it! Give you a big one!” The little vendor immediately agreed, and quickly measured the fish, then put a straw on the fish mouth and handed it to Sumi. “A total of thirty-six pounds! Two hundred and fifty-two money! For the big sister, you wipe a zero, two hundred and fifty texts!” Sumi listened to this number a little bit crying, but also know that this dynasty did not say this I just wanted to save money, and suddenly I saw a kind of food that she always liked. “Scallop? Hey, boss, how do you sell this scallop here?” This is a good thing. It has been so long since Sumi has not seen it! “Oh…” When I talked about this scallop vendor, I was a little wronged. This big guy didn’t like it, but I can always get a lot of it and I can’t throw it! I thought about pulling it over and selling it cheaply. So far, I haven’t sold

imi, Yu Yujie, my sister and I were so over because of my mood.” I didn’t eat at the day, although I couldn’t talk about the boat, but I was very tired. If the club returned directly to the town, it’s very annoying, and Murong’s is very annoying. Waiting for others to give the steps, but also said that the pitiful and heart-rending, Sumi did not say, Zhang Yuyu is somewhat intolerable. “This, sister, how come this Murong son is a guest, do you want to leave someone to eat a meal?” “Sister! We can’t just drive people out like this, Murong son has not eaten bitter If you are hungry, you can correct it? If so, what if? I am sick and can be adjusted? You can’t delay eating a meal. Are you saying that? ☆, Chapter 500: Chicken noodle soup Sumi was said by Zhang Yuyu, there is no way to look at the impatient Long Qing, and looked at the infatuated Murong Yu, who wants to find an excuse to say no, but slippery When I got to my mouth, I swallowed it back: “Since everyone said that they are looking at the dragon son, we can’t follow the mix. Our boss is the dragon son. I will listen to the dragon son today. Suomi knows that Zhang Yuyu is only not accommodating Murong. He has no good feelings for Murong, but he certainly does not leave only Murong’s truth. So, in this regard, Zhang Yuyu is still considering Very poor, soft heart means a person is kind, but in many cases, the heart is really very wrong. “Dragon son, I dare not say high to make friends, but the feelings of a meal are still there, I am not today For my own request, I only thought about the dragon son and the snowflake cake that I had eaten. “Murong’s voice is low, and the tone is very low and low. Not to mention that Zhang Yuyu and Sumi are far away from each other. Murong, who is not far from him, has not heard it. Only Long Qing is listening alone.” Clear. “Well, I will let you stay today. Long Qing sighed softly and looked at Murong’s eyes to ease a few points. From a young age, he and Murong Yu have always had a good relationship, and they are very

oh? What do you think I do? I didn’t know at the beginning that you were in the yard. I saw you coming in soon after you got it! “Sumi admits that this is definitely a bit of water, but what can I do? Can I say that I hesitated for a while, and finally I can sleep in the rest of my life so I brought the forest in?” You don’t want to think about anything now. If you want me to say that you can stay with your life, it will be stronger than anything. This soup, I smell it, it is very fragrant, and you are suitable for eating these things now. Sumy said something, and suddenly remembered something. He took a silver bowl from the head with one hand and a silver scorpion. He gently swayed in the soup, then looked at the scorpion without discoloration. The tone was once again raised and a spoon was fed to Zilin. “You saw it. Actually, my situation is better than that of you. You can eat well, don’t try to be poisonous and not poisonous?” I can’t do it anymore, well, I have already tested this soup, no poison, drink it. “Sumi held a spoon for a long time and felt that she was very tired. She smiled and said to Lin. Zilin saw that the action she had just tried to poison herself was already very surprised. This will be heard by her, and it is full of doubts.” Isn’t Sumi not the chamber that the Prince brought back? Even if it’s a big room, it’s not a big deal. How can it be so guarded? “I’m thinking too much, if your Royal Highness wants my life, then where to use it. Is it so awkward? Drink it. Sumi smiled and laughed at herself. The spoon on her hand was placed on the edge of Lin Lin. She watched her finally open her cracked lips and took a sip. This is a drop of heart. Just like this, one feeds, One drink, a bowl of soup quickly saw the bottom, it seems that Lin is trying to drink another bowl, but Sumi thought about it and didn’t agree: “You can’t eat more now, after all, you can’t be free now. Walking, if you eat too much, accumulate food, you will have a fever at night when you look back. At that time, you can

rwise, it will be stewed directly with the seasoning. Why bother with this matter, are you saying that? “Sumi said this, Zhang Yuyu also understands some. It is not necessary to say that this step of frying, the sister does not directly start to stew? The stewed lamb chops are not meaty, can you not taste it?” “You, your head is still too simple, you talk about your sister’s time when it is useless? Still eager to ask, you can’t move your mind more? Are you expecting your sister to tell you what you are doing? Can this be? “Zhang’s meeting is coming again. “Hey, why do you always say that I am stupid? Also said that my mother is not willing to use my brain, you are not afraid of my mother crying? ☆, Chapter VIII: Compromise blossoming, this club can’t listen to it. Originally, Cheng Zhi was talking with Long Qing and Shi Lei, and there is something like eating and eating. I heard Zhang’s constant search for the number of my own goddess, and the blossoming came forward. The dry mother is usually very good to herself, and she must not stand by and watch it! Or is it not too unruly? Don’t cry, she knows that I am right, she cries? You two have to study hard, but you can’t be as stupid as your mother, don’t you know? “Zhang Shi swings his hand and does not care.” “Hey, why do you always say that Uncle Shi Lei is particularly smart?” “Duodu thought about it, and looked at Uncle Shi Lei who was handing the lamb chops to Uncle Long. Then asked. Where is this particularly smart? Don’t you still give your own uncle Long? Look at the stupid movement, estimated and Your level is almost the same. “You are not very smart, Uncle Shi Lei, outside the home, you said that you can’t do your uncle Shi Lei? What do you have to ask for anything? Just like your mother, isn’t this smart? “Zhang’s words are partly because the mother-in-law looks at her son-in-law’s gaze, but 80% is very objective. Shi Lei is indeed a thing that can be taken up.” “Why is this smart Shi Lei uncle?” Have you been so stupid? Smart people won’t do such a t

sigh of thought in the hearts of others. “Oh, it’s so delicious. Just… how is it so sweet…” Susu had already cleaned the “wine” in the cup, and no longer had to drink and drink, so quiet. Resting in the arms of Long Qing is like a well-behaved little white rabbit. Enron, ok, quiet. At this moment, Sumi, Long Qing feels that she deserves all the good words in the world. “It’s so tired…” “I am tired when I sleep, I am holding you.” Long Qing’s voice seems to bring a certain kind of magic, and it is still strong to hold the last sense of Sumi, what is the next second? I don’t know. When you fall asleep, you will naturally miss it, and you will not think about it, and you will not have any sorrow. Originally, Sumi, who wanted to drink wine, was already drunk before he could recall his own suffering. On the second day, Sumi woke up in the arms of Longqing. Come. Sumi felt that this sleep was particularly comfortable. When he slowly opened his eyes, he used to grip the powder punch and wanted to squat, but he was completely stunned in the next second. “This…”. Wrong? ! How can the mistakes be in your own bed? “By.. wrong?!” Wait! Can anyone tell her what happened last night! Why did she sleep with her mistake? During the talk, Long Qing also opened his eyes and saw some flustered Sumi. He just wanted to talk. Suddenly, his mind flashed a hint of teasing and teasing this little girl. “Can you sleep well? You were tired and shouting tired last night. How is it now?” Long Qing did not get up immediately, so he held his head with one hand, a pair of peach eyes, and looked wrong. Sumi. The tone is even more tense. Sumi glared at her own clothes, and as the Dragon Engine continued to spit it out, the eyes continued to grow. What happened last night? She and the mistake. . . will not? ! If there is really anything, how can it react a little? This is not scientific! but. . . but. . . If nothing really happened, how could she and the mistakes be in a bed? ! I am still in his arms! Sumi looked at Longqing, perhaps becau